Today we learn about Mania.

This blog was not meant to ever become a mental health blog. In fact I posted here to to try and keep myself sane. Staying home alone with little kids, you end up begging for adult interaction. Mopping the floors, swapping out your socks just to realize you need to mop the bathroom too.. gets old man. So old.

That said, my sanity is now in question. I have been diagnosed as Bipolar with psychotic features. My doctor in the in-patient care facility was so good. A old cowboy, really. Who sold his ranch and became a psychiatrist.

Lets take a little bit of a break and appreciate that this means my husband kept my house running to a T. He did a glorious job! For 6 days with only being able to talk to me for 10 minutes at a time. Yeah dude. AMAZING!

Back to the topic of Mania. I have been in a manic phase for the last few weeks, an increase in energy, difficulty concentrating, and a rough time sleeping were a couple of my symptoms. As you can probably tell incomplete thought processes are a biggy. I am looking forward to being able to write and it not seem like I am starting a story in the middle of a paragraph.

I am a big picture kind of woman for the most part, I see what I want and go for it, ignoring the little pieces because they seem to just naturally fall into place as I move forward. Right now I’m having to focus on one tiny bite at a time. The first being getting medication that can help improve my brain function, the next being talk therapy, couples therapy for Jason and I because we need to learn how to communicate all over again. I am also not a patient person so this is not fun for me, to slow down is rough.

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