*freebie* Weekly Routine Tracker

Week 2 freebie is HERE!! I’ll be adding a Silhouette cut file later this week. One of my favorite things about my hourly Erin Condren Life Planner is the sidebar where I can track things for the week instead of having to add it to my every day. I still have daily chores and events that I have to use the hourly grid for, but it’s slightly less cluttered and takes less time when I don’t have to write “dishes” every day.

When I get the Silhouette cut file set up I’ll perfect the margins, but for right now, I’m cutting it by hand with a cheap paper slicer I picked up at Walmart a few years ago.

The thing I love the most for this type of cutter is that it has a great grid to help line up your paper for a perfect cut, and even after using this thing 100’s of times the blades are still crazy sharp. Once cut you’ll end up with a stack of stickers to use for the next 4 weeks. Give it a try and see if it helps you to be a little more organized with your social media posting, and remembering to get your laundry out of the dryer.

I love printing on matte sticker paper, it works just like regular printer paper with my laser printer, but then I am able to just peel and stick where ever I need to. I’ve tried dozens of different brands, for plain, matte sticker paper, they are all pretty much the same. They take gel pens perfectly, they rarely bleed when I use my papermate flair, and they help to protect my planner pages from bleed through when I need to use a sharpie. A popular option is to also use removable vinyl sticker paper. I do not have any experience using this type of paper, if you have a recommendation of a type that can be printed on with a laser printer, and easily cut with a Silhouette Cameo, please leave me a comment and let me know!

Ready to download? You can snag it here

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 This is the paper slicer I’ve been using for a few years, the knives stay sharp for a long time, but they are also easily replaceable!
Paper-mate Flair pens, they have a nice, sharp felt tip, and great colors. Not my favorite pen, but great with matte stickers.
 From my experience, cheap matte sticker paper isn’t THAT much worse than the expensive name brand kind. I have used several different types and other than the writing on the back and where they peel from, they are all the same. (Yes I can also use this kind to kiss-cut stickers with my Silhouette Cameo)
 This is not the Cameo I have, this is the one that’s currently burning up my wishlist. I am loving the bluetooth feature, less cables, means less desk clutter Woohoo!
 My FAVORITE pens right now. These gel pens are worth the price! The colors are bright and true, they don’t dry down to a different shade, the line is thick and smooth with zero skipping. I hate to say it but they are even better than my last love the Pilot G-2, luckily those are still J’s favorite so I can just toss them all in his pen cup and he’s a happy guy.

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Stickers featured in my planner photo are here – Sweet Kawaii Design and Stickerrific 

You can customize your own Hourly Erin Condren Life Planner at their website. Erin Condren

I haven’t used their other planners such as the petite, or the Hardbound, but these stickers will fit in the both the vertical and horizontal versions as well, you also maybe be able to use them in your Plum Paper and Happy Planner with minimal issues.

Happy New Year!!

I love that January 1st 2018 is on a Monday this year. I’m not sure why this thrills me so much but it’s a lovely thing! Happy New Year!!

Daily planner page for Direct Sellers and Small businesses, this page helps to combine personal, social media and basic household routines into 1 easy to keep track of page. How does that sound?! I makes me happy that’s for sure. You can find it here.

I released it early for some of my LuLaRoe friends.


Along with new branding this year I’m also hoping to focus on some consistency. Along with my long held Onisms.com I am also proud to announce that I have branded my LuLaRoe business under the header of Saebbe’s Mustard Haus. You can find me here http://mustardhaus.com