My 5-minute face

5 minutes, why? How?

Welcome to my life, I just showered, and my alarm went off saying I have 15 minutes to get to a meeting I totally forgot. Good news, my hair is done. (I’ll never do a hair tutorial, no worries) I also already have myself and my little guy dressed. Bad news, no time for foundation. Luckily I like my face. So I swipe on some deodorant and get to work. 5-minutes to get this 36 year old face out the door.

Concealer IS your best friend!

I have tried so many brands of direct sales makeup, everything at the drug store, quite a few indie brands and a ridiculous number of prestige brands. Tarte Shape Tape, blows them all out of the water. I’m over 30 (much closer to 40 than 30 in fact) add weight loss, and many sleepless nights… I’ve got dark circles for days! This makes my face look like I got a full four hours!

Why do you do it like this?

I will not have time for contour and blush, which means I won’t be able to perfectly blend the edges of a good concealer triangle. That’s just fact. I cover my problem spots and blend it out with a beauty blender. Easy peasy and quick! It brightens my eyes, covers the worst of my spots and dulls the redness above my brows and around my nose. I also don’t have time to set it so it needs to be light. I apply a lot under my eyes so I have enough to do above my brows and between them.

A great mascara is worth it’s weight in gold.

I’ve been using this Dior Show mascara for 12 years now. It’s dark, covers in one coat and lengthens perfectly. My favorite mascara right now is YSL’s The Shock but they don’t sell it at Ulta and I haven’t made a Sephora order in ages. I’ll be picking it up ASAP though. What’s your favorite mascara?

The lip

I am a huge fan of Lip Sense. It stays all day for me, it moisturizes and it always looks flawless. However I don’t have time for the 4 step application today. To my rescue is a gloss sample I received in my monthly Sephora box. It’s a nice neutral and I know it won’t be gone 5 minutes after walking out the door. My natural lip color is fine on its own, however I have a big brown freckle in the middle of my lip that I like to hide. Annnnd Done!

Thank you for joining me on my journey to get ready this morning. I made it to my meeting across town with 5 minutes to spare. Yay for cooperative toddlers!

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My favorite deodorant, this is seriously the best and it doesn’t cause irritation.

My favorite concealer, hands down.

My second favorite mascara, I know it’s different than the photo, they were out of Black Out when I was at Ulta the last time.

My current favorite mascara. This stuff keeps your lashes soft and long, without clumping, it’s perfection.

This is the blender I use for my concealer, it’s a bit smaller than the pink one and perfect for under the eyes and around the nose.

I do not like this Anastacia lip gloss, the formula is fab, but the color is meh. This Black Honey almost lipstick is fabulous on almost every skin tone, and usually lives in my purse.