Happy New Year!!

I love that January 1st 2018 is on a Monday this year. I’m not sure why this thrills me so much but it’s a lovely thing! Happy New Year!!

Daily planner page for Direct Sellers and Small businesses, this page helps to combine personal, social media and basic household routines into 1 easy to keep track of page. How does that sound?! I makes me happy that’s for sure. You can find it here.

I released it early for some of my LuLaRoe friends.


Along with new branding this year I’m also hoping to focus on some consistency. Along with my long held Onisms.com I am also proud to announce that I have branded my LuLaRoe business under the header of Saebbe’s Mustard Haus. You can find me here http://mustardhaus.com

Quick update as 2017 ends

I wanted to update you on what to expect in 2018

Happy holidays! I finished my semester of school, all A’s *woohoo*. Business is booming! I sold 46 Amelia’s dresses in 5 weeks. Blogging is suffering because it’s not a ‘income producing activity’. Totally fine, I have lots of content coming up in 2018, keto recipes, direct sales marketing, how-tos, science fair projects etc. Every month will bring something a little different. In the mean time share your favorite posts on Pinterest or email me and let me know what you want to see.

All the Love, Us.


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