Household tip Thursday: How we Make Fewer Dishes

My husband and I, when we first moved in together used to switch off on doing the dishes. We both hated it, me because I had been my ‘chore’ when I was growing up. Him because it meant standing still with little input, unless I stood there and folded laundry at the table when he did it, it usually ended up with one or both of us angry.

As our family lives and circumstances evolved, I started working less, and then quit going to school to stay home with the kids and he started working 50+ hours a week if not more. This means I took over doing the dishes. Which I sucked at. I’d use plastic silverware, cups and paper plates to try and reduce the sheer volume of dishes but that didn’t always help. I love to cook and hated using the crock pot unless we were having a super busy day.

Did I mention we hadn’t had a dishwasher? When I was pregnant with my littlest I went into preterm labor and eventually was placed on modified bed rest. I was able to shower every other day and use the bathroom. That was all. My husband being the rockstar that he is took over all of the household chores. It was a dark time but we got through it and magically none of our kids went to school naked. They still wear mismatched socks every day, even now, priorities guys, they are important.

A couple of months before The Bear was born J installed a dishwasher AND garbage disposal. Happy Day! I was a little sad I wasn’t able to use it but I was able to research and we found a really good one. I still love it!

Fast forward to now, my kids love to use a new glass for every. Single. Sip. Of water. No joke, there have been days where I collect over 15 glasses from the house and none of them belong to J and I.

I found these gorgeous glasses at Walmart, on clearance (I love shopping clearance sales) I picked up 1 pack of 4, and explained to the kiddos that these were theirs to wash and take care of. That I would run them through the sanitize cycle a couple of times a week but otherwise they were only to use these glasses. I cut some vinyl names with my cameo and transferred them on and boom. Instantly. Fewer dishes.

I still wash the toddlers glass because he can’t reach the sink yet but even the 4 year old knows to look for and wash her glass, if she’s feeling a little run down from Kindergarten I’ll wash it for her but she no longer screams about not getting the right cup, and even better she’s no drinking out of her siblings cups anymore and then losing her cool when they catch her.

Since these glasses are actual glass I did have some concern about them shattering on our laminate floors. So far, so good though. Now I just need to figure out a way to use fewer paper plates. I have gorgeous salad and dinner plates that barely get any use, the paper plates are just so convenient.

So tell me, what short cuts do you take in your home?

If you can’t find these cute Pioneer Woman drinking glasses at Walmart, you can use this link to order them on Amazon, this is an affiliate link so I may make a few cents off of your purchase

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