The Costco Conundrum aka My Tetris Failing

You go to Costco, you’ve made sure you have a ton of money in the bank, the kids have all been fed so they won’t be too sad if all the samples are gone before we go through the aisles.

You have a list (that you left in the car) but you can mostly remember what was on it. I mean how hard is it to remember you need ground beef and chicken. Really? Then you take the littlest girl to the bathroom while your husband wanders electronics with the baby and big kids.

Then is starts. You go down the kitchen tools aisle, and don’t pick up a air fryer OR those gorgeous bowls that perfectly match your current decor. You get through automotive and storage without blowing half your budget on a new closet system. Alcohol is easy since you’ve had 2 bottles of whiskey in the freezer for over a year and haven’t had anyone who drinks visit in even longer than that.

Next is the bakery. Oh boy. Bagels, muffins, a cake. I want it all. You settle for bagels since those are a great midnight snack for your husband. Once you hit the meat you get your chicken and ground beef. They have samplers of chicken skewers and hummus. OMG that’s good, lets get that. Instead of just procuitto like you have on your list you get a antipasto pack. It will be perfect for after school snacks. Plus you’re doing that whole keto thing. You can wrap it around cheese sticks for a quick snack. Yum. Goats cheese, a wedge of Parmesan bigger than the babies head, roast beef (woo sugar free, perfect for keto)

You’re on to fruit and veggies. Gotta get tomatoes even though you have a garden full. Asparagus, salad, peaches, oranges, a fruit bowl for the drive home.

Your cart doesn’t even have the bottom covered. You must be doing well. Woo, 300 Dixie cups for $10. On to frozen foods. Then canned foods the carts starting to get full let’s pass on clothes and snacks. Everything’s looking good it’s time to check out.

Uhh ohh the checker comments on how much we have. It’s still half your budget so you must be doing well. You start to fill up your ice chest with the cold and frozen stuff. You brought the giant ice chest this time. It doesn’t all fit. Plus you have 2 more giant boxes to stuff in your mini van trunk.

The first sign that you may have bought too much. But hey it’s loaded. Let’s go home. You stop and get gas (Woohoo it’s $.20 cheaper than home) the kids are thirsty from all the samples so we get drinks and French fries. And start the 3 hour drive home.

You get there and the kids are exhausted, need showers etc. you hustle them inside and your husband carries the boxes up. Your kitchen table is packed. Uhh ohh. You start to put stuff in the fridge. You used to kick butt at Tetris so this should be fun.



We have a deep freezer it will be OK.

Yeah your Tetris skills aren’t helping.

Finally it’s all stored. You’re not putting the tomatoes or fruit in the fridge. It’s OK the kids will eat it all fast.


Those chicken skewers and hummus are amazing!!

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