Fails Friday: Laundry Edition, Trying to Find my Routine.

A couple of years ago I posted a photo of laundry mountain in a mommy group. It was a pile of clean laundry that went from 2 laundry baskets on the floor, stabilized by my back door and reached all the way to the ceiling.

I only had 3 kids at this time and wasn’t cloth diapering (hurray for easy to potty train toddlers), so it really was only clothes, towels and the occasional pillow. My kids drawers were empty and so were all of the closets. I’ll freely admit this was a dark dark time. Shortly afterwards I ended up on bed rest due to pre-term labor with my fourth kiddo. Which was the start of the lowest of the low in my housekeeping career

Don’t get me wrong I’m never been the best housekeeper. I could send my kids away for a month and do nothing but declutter, deep clean and organize and I would STILL have messes in my home. It’s embarrassing, but it’s also life.

I’ve also tried systems to keep my home neat, FlyLady works for a lot of people, she tells you to get dressed to shoes and shine your sink. It wasn’t really for me. I felt like I was too young for it to be valid, I couldn’t relate to the community.

The next system I tried was a app for your home called unf*k your habitat. This was a little edgier but it didn’t really focus on a routine to keep things nice, it gave you projects your could do in a certain amount of free time. This would be great if I didn’t have laundry mountains, a counter full of dishes and floors that crunched when I walked on them.

Next I started listening to the A Slob Comes Clean podcast. Dana aka Nony, reached inside my head and truly spoke my heart. She understood ‘clutter’ on my level. I found her blog website as well. Her ebook 28 Days to Hope for Your Home, pretty much saved my bacon. I’m not going to lie, my house is still trashed throughout the month, but most days I don’t feel like crying if I open the door and say hey to someone.

One of her tips, that I refused to follow for months, and months and months. Was to fold the laundry straight out of the dryer, don’t hide it in a laundry basket, or toss it in your folding spot on the couch. Pull it out and fold it and put it in whomevers pile (J and I both get our own pile but the boys clothes go in their own and the girls get their own as well.) I’ll then put J’s stuff on top of his dresser (he doesn’t hang anything and I don’t have time or space to put it away) mine on my side of the bed. The girls goes in their laundry basket and so does the boys and it’s their responsibility to put it in their drawers.

We’re still working on the last step.

Yeah, folding laundry straight out of the dryer instead of playing the transfer game is my secret. I resisted, I resisted hard. It changed my life.

If you want to purchase the laundry baskets I love you can find them below, this is an affiliate link so if you do purchase them I may make a few cents.

Household tip Thursday: How we Make Fewer Dishes

My husband and I, when we first moved in together used to switch off on doing the dishes. We both hated it, me because I had been my ‘chore’ when I was growing up. Him because it meant standing still with little input, unless I stood there and folded laundry at the table when he did it, it usually ended up with one or both of us angry.

As our family lives and circumstances evolved, I started working less, and then quit going to school to stay home with the kids and he started working 50+ hours a week if not more. This means I took over doing the dishes. Which I sucked at. I’d use plastic silverware, cups and paper plates to try and reduce the sheer volume of dishes but that didn’t always help. I love to cook and hated using the crock pot unless we were having a super busy day.

Did I mention we hadn’t had a dishwasher? When I was pregnant with my littlest I went into preterm labor and eventually was placed on modified bed rest. I was able to shower every other day and use the bathroom. That was all. My husband being the rockstar that he is took over all of the household chores. It was a dark time but we got through it and magically none of our kids went to school naked. They still wear mismatched socks every day, even now, priorities guys, they are important.

A couple of months before The Bear was born J installed a dishwasher AND garbage disposal. Happy Day! I was a little sad I wasn’t able to use it but I was able to research and we found a really good one. I still love it!

Fast forward to now, my kids love to use a new glass for every. Single. Sip. Of water. No joke, there have been days where I collect over 15 glasses from the house and none of them belong to J and I.

I found these gorgeous glasses at Walmart, on clearance (I love shopping clearance sales) I picked up 1 pack of 4, and explained to the kiddos that these were theirs to wash and take care of. That I would run them through the sanitize cycle a couple of times a week but otherwise they were only to use these glasses. I cut some vinyl names with my cameo and transferred them on and boom. Instantly. Fewer dishes.

I still wash the toddlers glass because he can’t reach the sink yet but even the 4 year old knows to look for and wash her glass, if she’s feeling a little run down from Kindergarten I’ll wash it for her but she no longer screams about not getting the right cup, and even better she’s no drinking out of her siblings cups anymore and then losing her cool when they catch her.

Since these glasses are actual glass I did have some concern about them shattering on our laminate floors. So far, so good though. Now I just need to figure out a way to use fewer paper plates. I have gorgeous salad and dinner plates that barely get any use, the paper plates are just so convenient.

So tell me, what short cuts do you take in your home?

If you can’t find these cute Pioneer Woman drinking glasses at Walmart, you can use this link to order them on Amazon, this is an affiliate link so I may make a few cents off of your purchase

Why I Have a Million Notecards in my Desk Drawer **hint** it’s not why you think.

Notecards are not something I thought I’d ever be a fan of. Do you know what I love? Dollar tree, the target dollar spot and pretty much anything on clearance. I spent years shopping the clearance sections just to get a little *hit* of my drug of choice. Spending money. This compulsion of mine could probably be stretched out into years of blog posts, but for now I’ll just leave with this. Money, easy come, easy spend. Fun right?

Do you want to know something I never bought? During all of those reckless, and not so reckless spending sprees? Notecards. Why would I buy them? I don’t use them, I don’t scrapbook. If I wanted to say something to someone I could just drop them a quick text message ‘hey, thinking of you!’ If my Poppa sent me birthday money. Which he always did. I would just email him ‘Thanks for the money, I bought such and so with it. I really appreciate it.’ And boom, done.

I think some of you are with me and some of you may be cringing and others are like ‘uh, why are you writing this? Why am I reading this?’ Yeah, those of you who are cringing, you guys know where in going with this. I think I could have used a few lessons on being human by Miss Manners

My Poppa passed away when I was 9 months pregnant with my youngest child. I was sitting in the car dealership waiting to get my car repaired when I found out. My mom, she didn’t text me. She called. It was a rough time. I couldn’t travel, I couldn’t really do much for my mom either.

Do you know what my regrets are? Not sending my Poppa a card, every single year, thanking him. Maybe popping a quick photo of me and later the kids in there but mostly, I regret not hand writing him a thank you, hunting down a stamp, texting my mom for his address and sending him a card.

I personally hate cards, they are clutter and I toss them when I get home.

Guess what?! What I like, doesn’t freaking matter in a relationship. You can’t always do what you like, especially when you’re trying to let someone know you care. The easy road, isn’t always the best road.

When I was first starting to sell LuLaRoe I polled my VIP group.

**Which is basically Facebook group that you’re the center of attention of. It’s lovely, and a huge responsibility and relationships in that type of group, especially when there are 90,000 other people doing exactly what I do, are extremely important.**

These people, these relationships I was trying to build, these friends of mine. They overwhelmingly told me that as nice as the sticky notes, the pens, the hair ties and the free leggings were. They appreciated a note, thanking them for their purchase, more than anything else.

So I started buying notecards. Not for me, not because I like them, not because I am a hoarder. Not because they were on clearance or because they were the perfect color. I bought them, because people are important. I bought cards with cats on them, pretty cards, floral and geometrical designs. Christmas themes (can you guess how much I love Christmas decor, I refer to it as Xmas barf to give you a clue) and plain solid colors. Printed with a message or blank. Gold, black, inspiring, religious and some are even naughty.

People, people are the reason I buy and go through so many note cards. Because sometimes, text messages or an email are the easiest path, but they aren’t right.



If you want to start a notecard collection click the link above, it is an affiliate link, I may make a few cents off of your purchase. Other places I love to pick up pretty notecards include Dollar Tree, Dollar General, the check outline at the grocery store (seriously papyrus you guys are killing it!), and pretty much every book store I’ve ever lived in visited.

Apple sauce in the Instant Pot

This recipe is written for the Instant Pot branded pressure cooker, but it works great with other electric pressure cookers as well. I have access to a few different brands when I cook at friends homes, and they have all worked beautifully!

This is my original post from 2015. I own all rights and photos associated with this post. This post receives the most traffic of any post on my blog. Why? It’s EASY and it works! I love easy. 

Heading into Fall.

The hummingbirds are steadily working their way through 20lbs of sugar, my toes are a little chilly this morning, my pumpkins are probably going to freeze before they turn into carriages, because they have blossoms in September (slackers) all signs of fall. What’s another sign? Everyone has apples! Apples from their trees, apples from Utah, apples from the grocery store. Apples out our ears.

I love apples and apple based products (looking at you rum soaked dehydrated Apple rings, *winkwink*) That said I also adore my Instant Pot, so much so I committed the sin of all sins, I donated my Crock Pot to charity! That’s right, I live in a crockpotless home, and not only do I admit it, I LOVE it! My Instant Pot that is.

Yesterday I had a box of apple seconds dropped off. Mm bruised and battered Honeycrisps!

Lots of kids, means lots of food storage

You can see they’ve been 2 year old tested as well. Anyhow, on to the recipe. Let me warn you, make sure your cinnamon is new.(don’t judge it’s been a rough 2 years)

You’ll need:

Apples – enough to fill your instant pot to the top line

1/2 cup of water, cider or juice (any works)

1/2 cup of your favorite sweetener (I used brown sugar because I love that caramelized flavor but honestly sweet apples don’t need it and even coconut sugar or Stevia work great)

1 tbsp FRESH cinnamon

You’ll also need:

An Instant Pot or your favorite electronic pressure cooker.

A stick blender, or a regular blender(let the apples cool before you pour them into a regular blender please!)

A corer(optional)


Pick out your apples, I had a box of seconds so most of mine are bruised or otherwise damaged, I prefer this because my kids would have walked away with all of them but they won’t touch a bruise. Nope, not my kids, bruised apples are WRONG! Thanks kids.

Cut your apples into chunks and remove the stickers (yeah I learned this the hard way as well), the stems and seeds.

Place the apples into the basket, then put in the sweetener, cinnamon and pour the liquid over that, it needs that 1/2 a cup to properly pressurize.

Press the porridge button (Or just put it on high pressure for 20 minutes if you don’t have it pre-programmed).  Make sure the valve is closed and the lid is properly sealed and walk away. It takes about 5-10 minutes to pressurize depending on your altitude.

Once it beeps to let you know it’s done you can either let it depressurize naturally or manually twist the valve, use a thick towel and do it quickly so you’re not burned by the hot steam.

Once it’s done letting out the steam, carefully remove the lid, place it where it won’t melt anything, and peek inside, you should see some very unhappy apples and bubbly goodness. Break out your stick blender and go to town, this will take about 2 minutes if you like it chunky and 5 if you like it super smooth.

All that’s left now is to shovel it into your gob, let it cool a bit then pour it into jars or sealable bowls that will be stored in the fridge or you can, can it. Which I don’t do and can’t help you with because it’s never lasted that long for me. (Update: I have now canned my homemade apple sauce and it’s amazing!)🙂

Do you need and instant pot?

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Are you looking for canning jars. I am a huge fan of Ball jars, I’ve inherited several that are over 50 years old and they still work beautifully!

Don’t have a immersion blender, click here and pick up this winner. Don’t be fooled by the low price, this thing is awesome! (Unless you’re lucky enough to inherit one from your badass mother in-law)

Are you looking for a new blender? We use our Ninja every day it makes perfect smoothies, knead dough and more. Check out the reviews, you won’t be sorry.

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Apple Sauce (in the Instant Pot)

The most perfect Apple Sauce ever, quickly! 

Course Snack
Cuisine American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Pressure Time 10 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 4 cups
Author Sebz


  • 6 quarts Fresh Apples, cored and sliced
  • 1/2 cup liquid cider or water both work
  • 1/2 cup sweetener Adjust for sweetness, if using stevia or erythritol. I
  • 1 heaping tbsp fresh cinnamon

Other items needed

  • 1 Instant Pot or other electric pressure cooker
  • 1 Blender (stick or conventional
  • 1 Apple corer


  1. There is no need to peel apples, the peels blend in nicely and add minimal texture. Core and slice apples into chunks, and add directly to the instant pot sleeve, no need for the trivet. Once full, add the liquid, sweetener and cinnamon (we've also included Red Hots candy, that was delicious!). Place lid on the Instant Pot, turn the nozzle to sealed. Plug in the pot, and press the poridge button (or manually set to high pressure, 20 minutes) That's it, walk away. It will take approximately 10 minutes to come to pressure, cook for 20 minutes and then beep when it's done. Once it beeps, I prefer to let it manually pressure release, can you tell I enjoy easy? If you're in a hurry, place a large thick towel over the nozzle and let it vent. Once you open the pot you'll see thick bubbly apples. From this point you're going to want to blend for 2 to 5 minutes depending on how smooth you like your apple sauce. You can store it in the fridge for up to a week, freeze it, or can it and it lasts us almost a year (please refer to the Ball canning guide for safe canning guidelines)  

The Costco Conundrum aka My Tetris Failing

You go to Costco, you’ve made sure you have a ton of money in the bank, the kids have all been fed so they won’t be too sad if all the samples are gone before we go through the aisles.

You have a list (that you left in the car) but you can mostly remember what was on it. I mean how hard is it to remember you need ground beef and chicken. Really? Then you take the littlest girl to the bathroom while your husband wanders electronics with the baby and big kids.

Then is starts. You go down the kitchen tools aisle, and don’t pick up a air fryer OR those gorgeous bowls that perfectly match your current decor. You get through automotive and storage without blowing half your budget on a new closet system. Alcohol is easy since you’ve had 2 bottles of whiskey in the freezer for over a year and haven’t had anyone who drinks visit in even longer than that.

Next is the bakery. Oh boy. Bagels, muffins, a cake. I want it all. You settle for bagels since those are a great midnight snack for your husband. Once you hit the meat you get your chicken and ground beef. They have samplers of chicken skewers and hummus. OMG that’s good, lets get that. Instead of just procuitto like you have on your list you get a antipasto pack. It will be perfect for after school snacks. Plus you’re doing that whole keto thing. You can wrap it around cheese sticks for a quick snack. Yum. Goats cheese, a wedge of Parmesan bigger than the babies head, roast beef (woo sugar free, perfect for keto)

You’re on to fruit and veggies. Gotta get tomatoes even though you have a garden full. Asparagus, salad, peaches, oranges, a fruit bowl for the drive home.

Your cart doesn’t even have the bottom covered. You must be doing well. Woo, 300 Dixie cups for $10. On to frozen foods. Then canned foods the carts starting to get full let’s pass on clothes and snacks. Everything’s looking good it’s time to check out.

Uhh ohh the checker comments on how much we have. It’s still half your budget so you must be doing well. You start to fill up your ice chest with the cold and frozen stuff. You brought the giant ice chest this time. It doesn’t all fit. Plus you have 2 more giant boxes to stuff in your mini van trunk.

The first sign that you may have bought too much. But hey it’s loaded. Let’s go home. You stop and get gas (Woohoo it’s $.20 cheaper than home) the kids are thirsty from all the samples so we get drinks and French fries. And start the 3 hour drive home.

You get there and the kids are exhausted, need showers etc. you hustle them inside and your husband carries the boxes up. Your kitchen table is packed. Uhh ohh. You start to put stuff in the fridge. You used to kick butt at Tetris so this should be fun.



We have a deep freezer it will be OK.

Yeah your Tetris skills aren’t helping.

Finally it’s all stored. You’re not putting the tomatoes or fruit in the fridge. It’s OK the kids will eat it all fast.


Those chicken skewers and hummus are amazing!!