20 things in 2020 – Day 1 Budget

I wanted to share this series of blog posts with you to help you to make your life easier one day at a time. I’ll be back every day with a new tip or trick that can help to make your life easier every day.

Make 2020 Better Now

Write a budget! Tell your money where it needs to go, instead of being surprised when it’s completely gone. One of the best things about everyone having a phone these days is that we can all access our bank accounts and budget every day, instantly. We don’t need to stress over that check that didn’t cash yet, the kids needing new shoes, again or an emergency filling. We know what we have at a quick glance.

Don’t reinvent the wheel either, you can use a budget form found in a quick google search, through the app store, on your excel spreadsheet store, Etsy and even Shopify.

Make a Budget

I made a budget, now what smart guy? How does it look? Are you sitting pretty as long as you stick to your budget? Good deal! Rememeber to pay yourself first, maybe now is the time to sign up for your works 401k match program, or get an IRA. I use a app called Stash, I put money in every month, divide it out and then collect my dividends and interest. I make much more than I would just by having it in a regular savings account. It’s also more difficult to get to so I won’t spend it on makeup at Ulta, or new yarn.

For those of you not looking so pretty, it may be time to look into the Dave Ramsey program. He’s helped thousands of people become debt free in short amounts of time by following his program. Baby step 1 – put $1000 in a emergency fund. If that sounds impossible, try it. I promise you’ll feel much less stressed once you know you have that $1000 to fall back on in case your tires go out or you need a new filling.

Another thing you should be doing is participating in your companies FSA, Flexible Spending Account. This is a pre-tax spending account to help you to pay for your medical expenses, everything from prescriptions to therapists visits.

Do you feel like all of this is greek? How about you try out some personal finance books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Dave Ramsey, Think and Grow Rich etc. Just google personal finance books, go to your library, or even borrow them online through your e-reader.

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